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Under-counter Ice Machines (Cubers)

When selecting the ideal ice machine for your operation, it’s essential to consider the amount and type of ice that best suits your needs. From cubes to flakes to nuggets, and from small-volume machines to high-capacity models, Scotsman has you covered.

Compact enough to fit under a standard 40″ counter, the Prodigy® self-contained undercounter cube ice machine from Scotsman is an innovative combination of space-saving design and smart technology. These convenient, accessible cube ice machines feature the energy-efficient, selfmonitoring Prodigy® platform — yet are small enough to be built in almost anywhere. An optional floor mount kit lowers the height of the unit to 33.5″, allowing placement under even lower counters 

Ice Machines

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Essential Ice Series Key Benefits

  • Reliability
    • Industry leading Warranty
    • 3 year parts and labor on all components
  • Quality
    • Assembled in the USA
    • All machines run tested before shipment
  • Ease of Use
    • Slide Up Door
    • Large Access Area
    • Ice Scoop Included
  • Intuitive Controls
    • On/Off/Clean Switch
    • Ice Thickness Adjustment
    • Harvest Time Adjustment
  • Compact Design

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